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The Model No. 116 mill is ideal for larger families, communities, or discerning individuals who want the top-of the-line grain mill. The mill weighs in at 43.4 pounds out of the box, and stands 14¼ - inches tall and 11½ inches wide. It’s fully adjustable to allow various types of grinds, from ultra-fine to cracked. The Model No. 116 can be cranked by hand, motorized, or hooked up to a geared bicycle. Made in the United States, this grain mill is sure to be an heirloom.

The Model No. 116 features:

  • Steel construction
  • Stainless steel coil auger
  • Stainless steel GrainBreaker auger
  • Stainless steel Click & Lock Adjustment Knob
  • Sealed USA ball bearings for smooth operation
  • Extended handle with your choice of hickory, oak, maple or cherry grip
  • Contoured body style
  • Stainless steel dust cover
  • True 6-inch grinding burrs, individually machined from hardened alloy steel
  • 10-cup hopper with exclusive adjustable feed control slide in base
  • Custom-machined 14-inch V-belt flywheel pulley
  • Stainless steel hopper guard
  • Four predrilled holes in the base of the mill that allow for easy bolting

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