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The Pickle Packer has been specifically designed for small-batch fermentation of sauerkraut and other veggies in both wide-mouth and regular-mouth mason jars.

Measuring 10" tall, 2.5" at the wide end and 2" at the opposite end, our unique design allows both ends to be used for packing vegetables for your ferments. This allows the Pickle Packer to be used in a wide variety of fermenting jars and containers.

Pickle Packers are made from all natural untreated Acacia wood and finished with a food-safe mineral oil to seal and protect. We chose to use Acacia wood not only because of its renowned strength (2 x as strong as maple) and durability, but also because it is sustainable and eco-friendly.

The Pickle Packer used together with the Pickle Pebbles, ensure consistent high-quality results from your home ferments.


-Made from all natural acacia wood - Acacia wood is a sustainable and eco-friendly crop and is one of the hardest woods available
-Double-sided design fits both wide-mouth and regular-mouth mason jars
-10" tall, 2.5" at wide end, 2" at smaller end
-Helps remove air and draw out moisture to get your ferments off to a good start
-Specifically designed for small-batch fermentation in mason jars and fido jars


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