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Making craft beer has never been so easy.

No mess. No mystery. Everything you need to brew, in a homebrew starter kit box small enough to carry in your backpack.

What does this kit include?

• 1-gallon fermentation jug with cap and airlock
• Mini auto siphon and 3 feet of tubing
• Spring tip bottle filler
• 2 ounces of no-rinse cleanser
• Bottle capper and red pry-off caps
• Your choice of recipe kit (including malt extract, hops, yeast, and fizz drops)
• Labels

The recipe kits to choose from are:

Caribou Slobber Brown Ale: Like your brews tall, dark, and drinkable? Then try Caribou Slobber Brown Ale. Perfect for fans of substantial craft beer, this ale is full-bodied and smooth, deliciously dark without a hint of bitterness. It’s guaranteed to become your new favorite session beer.

Irish Red Ale: If you're looking for a perfectly balanced, crowd-pleasing pint, you can't go wrong with this Irish Red Ale. There's a reason this kit is a bestseller. Actually, three reasons: great, medium-bodied taste, rich coppery color, and enticingly low aging requirements.

American Wheat: Like their German cousins, American wheat beers feature large proportions of malted wheat in the grain bill and are naturally a bit cloudy in appearance. Unlike German Hefe Weizen, though, American wheat beers have a bit more hop character and are fermented with a milder-tasting yeast, resulting in a cleaner, neutral finish. With a spicy noble hop aroma and tart finish, it's a spritzy, refreshing crowd-pleaser.

Smashing Pumpkin Ale: This spiced amber ale is infused with nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger. The spices mingle with sweet, toasty malt to frame an intensely flavorful brew. And just like its big brother, this recipe allows you to include real pumpkin for a truly smashing pumpkin ale: Just add an extra pound of 6-row and a large straining bag to your order. It's outside the ordinary, delicious, and (most of all) fun.

You supply:

• 2-gallon kettle
• A dozen pry-off cap, 12-ounce beer bottles

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