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Designed and manufactured in Tennessee, this Prepper Pro Tool is made of Appalachian Hard Cherry wood and seasoned with 100 percent Raw Organic Non-GMO Coconut Oil. All you need to do is reapply oil after using and it will last a long time!

Designed to comfortably fit in your hand, this tool is perfect for pressing veggies like cabbage (which needs the fibers broken a bit to release its liquid for fermenting) as well as performing many other tasks in the kitchen. After you’ve pressed, the Prepper Pro makes it easy to compress your veggies into the fermenting vessel. Its sharper edge allows it to slide down the side of the jar for perfect packing. And with a larger end to fit into wide-mouth canning jars and a smaller end to fit in regular-mouth jars, this is a great tool whether preparing a ferment or canning!

It measures 10 inches long by 2 3/8-inches wide at the large end and 2-inches wide at the small end.

Other uses for the Prepper Pro Tool include:

• Pressing the water from freshly made butter
• Pressing fresh herbs for infusions, oils, and more
• Mashing berries for jams and jellies

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