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This vacuum sealer is perfect for gardeners and home harvesters. With a roll cutter and built-in storage for the vacuum sealer bags, storing your meats and produce is easier than ever. Simply cut the bag to the size you need to fit your produce or meat and seal it! This vacuum sealer features a 110-watt motor, 22-inch HG vacuum strength, a port for vacuum canisters, and easy-to-use controls for pressure duration. Plus, it includes 6 1-quart bags, 4 1-gallon bags, and one 11’’ x 20 ft. roll for making custom sizes.
Additional details:
• Extra wide vacuum chamber for easy bag alignment
• Latch-free operation: press lid down to operate
• Pulse action for greater control
• Seal-only setting, for making bags from rolls
• Normal and extended seal mode for dry and moist foods
• High- and low-vacuum mode for normal and delicate foods

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